As Art Psychotherapy is mostly client led, no two sessions are the same. Sessions are normally 1 hour for individuals, 1 ½ hour for groups and shorter for children and adolescents. Session duration is agreed upon during initial consultation with the client and in other cases with parents/ teachers/ caregivers.

Typically a session will include time for art making and reflection.

The client chooses what they wish to share with the therapist. The confidentiality of a session is paramount and may only be broken in the case of harm to oneself or the therapist.

The art work is normally kept by the therapist in a safe place until the work has come to an agreed end point. The client can then choose if they want to take the work home with them.

Often after 6 sessions there is a review of the work so far which may aid the client in attaining perspective on the issue that first brought them to therapy. In ongoing therapy, similar reviews may take place at regular intervals.

The client and therapist can then consult on whether further therapy is required.

Art Psychotherapy can take place on an individual basis or in a group setting depending on the needs of the particular client.

What is Art Psychotherapy?

Why choose Art Psychotherapy?